Sundressed’ is the debut album from Blind Man’s Daughter, a band from Albuquerque, New Mexico that combines soaring melodies, complex rhythms, and heavy guitar riffs to create a unique blend of progressive metal. Lead singer and songwriter Ashley Wolfe shares her personal journey of self-discovery and the search for purpose, with lyrics that explore themes of longing, perseverance, and the beauty of living in the moment.

Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing” and to this point, ‘Sundressed’ is the story of Ashely Wolfe’s life, her grand adventure. A story of obstacles, acceptance and overcoming. To understand that the beauty of life is the moment we are in, and to be immersed in sunlight is a choice made with each tick of the clock.

Musically, ‘Sundressed’ features a cutting edge, melodic, progressive metal sound that draws on the rich history of progressive rock and metal. Taking influence from greats such as Skyharbour, Tesseract, Plini and Dream Theater, this album showcases Blind Man’s Daughter’s ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles and moods. From the smooth vocals and intricate guitar lines of ‘Mirage Harmer’ to the haunting atmosphere, incredible vocal range and heavy riffs of ‘Saeancer’, ‘Sundressed’ is a dynamic, multifaceted work of art that every metal fan should experience.

Ultimately, Sundressed is a celebration of life’s highs and lows, and a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift us even in the darkest moments.

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